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Welcome to

         I have created for a couple of different reasons. First, I wanted to be able to showcase the Designs that I have come up with and Offer my design and rolling services. I designed the winning 2009 TEC Design Contest Elongated Coin. Original artwork shown to the left. I have also created my first Private Issue which you can see and read all about by clicking on the Pennsylvania Railroad EC tab to the left.
     I do like to draw, though I don't think that I am that good. I prefer to hand draw my designs before I send them to the engraver. Please see some of my original artwork, and the Engravers Digital Artwork by, yes you guessed it. By clicking on the Artwork tab. I have some sets available for sale as well so check out my For Sale Tab.
     I hope you all enjoy the site, and if there is anything I could or should be doing differently please let me know.
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